Canine Officers For The Allentown Police Department

Be part of the solution! Community support is welcomed to help fund the next Police Canine.


The Allentown Police Department is thrilled to partner with the Gail Hoover Foundation to raise and support additional Canine Officers for the Department. Currently, the City of Allentown has two Canine Officers, and should have five! Please help us raise the funds needed for three more Canine Officers!

We are honored to be featured on WFMZ & The Morning Call! And, a HUGE thank you to FMI in Allentown for donating $17,500 to cover the cost of ONE Canine! WOW! Our goal of $100,000 is  now down to $82,500!



Allentown Police Officer Canine Officer                                           FMI Donates to Gail Hoover Foundation                                         Allentown community steps up to help city police dept. in its effort to hire more K9s                             Donations made by two charitable groups to help fund Allentown K-9 unit